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The smell of freshly brewed coffee, the aroma arising fills the home, room and the heart too! Is there anyone not liking the smell and the coffee too? For addicts like us, coffee is instant happiness, peace and relaxing to the soul.

We, most of the population are coffee addicts, we mean the crazy categories. Love to have a great cup of coffee at any point of time, be it late night or the early mornings! So, what according to you is the right way of getting a cuppa? We mean the method!

Talk with Coffee:

Do you like the coffee from filters, or machines or the simple homemade cuppa that involves freshly grinding the coffee beans and then boil to get that nerves dragging, hot cup of goodness!
Well, many taste buds demand different things, like cappuccinos, espressos, latte, filter coffee, black coffee, green coffee and the whole world of other exotic cuppas. But, based on their way of preparations, we can classify them into categories. So, do you prepare your own cuppa or head to the café every time?

If your answer is the former, then we hope you have a proper coffee making method in place, for the latter guys, doesn't it get boring over time and an expensive addiction? How is it to have a coffee, just exactly when you feel to have?

Many cafés and restaurants aren’t open 24*7 these days, so how will you manage to find one at the odd hours? So, here’s the solution! Buy a coffee maker, and brew your own cup, at any time, in a way that you love to have!

Brief about Coffee Makers:

The range of coffee makers available today is countless. There is one to suit every taste bud, their budget and capacity, small and big purposes and the type with variety.

Types of coffee makers:

Electric dippers




Filter coffee makers

French press

Single serve coffee maker

Expresso and Cappuccino maker

Before jumping down and finalising; consider certain things and then purchase. So, here is a list of thing that needs to be considered when you make the final choice because only a right cuppa can make your day! To read about one of the best coffee makers click here, delonghi esam3300 magnifica review.

Points to look for a coffee maker: Read below what are the factors that need to be noted while making the decision of buying a particular type of brand of coffee maker. Filter holder: This is that part of the device which keeps the coffee for long and keeps it warm. The top-end models have this made out of brass that holds the heat for long, while the lower ones have it in aluminium which doesn't retain the heat as its counterparts.

Bar Pressure: For those expresso lovers, looking to buy espresso machines, check for this factor deeply. Good bar pressure is essential to get that good crema on your cuppa ( foam that floats on top). This indicates that the coffee granules and the steam meet at the right speed and get infused to give you the perfect cup. The optimum pressure levels are 15-19 bars, avoids any bitter taste that comes with coffee makers. Wattage: In case you are looking to make several cups of coffee at one shot, then you must consider this factor.

The higher the wattage, the water inside gets boiled faster, making you help brew cups faster. Thermoblock: This is thecrucial factor that keeps your coffee from imparting a bad taste. It is a type of boiler within the machine, which heats water to the perfect temperature with a pump (about 90deg C). Fresh Brewers: Machines that do everything from scratch, grinding the beans to preparing coffee all at one time! So you get aFresh brew, everytime!